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11 months ago
- November 5, 2013

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Joshua silently read a novel quietly as he sat on a bench in front of a used book store. He was all alone, but for the most part, that is what he knew anyway. He left Shibuya for that exact reason. 

"How dull" Joshusa exclaimed, closing the book. "Holmes may be clever, but not quite as clever as I" He jokingly stated, though no one was around to laugh. He twirled his hair in on his finger and sighed. "Perhaps being alone isn’t my cup of tea anymore…"  

He sat back in his seat and looked up at the stars. It helped to calm him down when he was feeling saddened. Didn’t want to be seen out of his usual elegant mood. Though, at this moment he did not care if someone did. 

She was closing in on the city now, and some of the characteristics of the city came into sight. A coffee shop, a hotel, a bookstore. One thing the city seemed to be lacking in however, was people. The Flower girl’s eyes scouted the horizon for any sign of intelligible life. After a few moments of what seemed like a lost cause, she spotted someone moving briefly, in front of the book store. With hope that she would be able to speak with someone, she quickened her pace.

Upon reaching the figure she had been egged on by, a slight sigh of relief escaped her lips. There was that slight stabbing feeling in her gut that it might just be a monster, and not really a human at all. Thankfully though, she was able to greet them, instead of fight. “Hello there.” She spoke softly, not needing to raise her voice. The air was dense, and he words echoed slightly. 

She looked the stranger up and down. He didn’t appear to be a threat in the slightest. Instead, she determined, he seemed to be cultured. Perhaps she could be shown around town by him. “My name is Aerith Gainsborough.” She bowed her head. “What is your name?” She looked back to him, and amused smile gracing her lips.

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Send  ♠ for a prank call:
Hello! this is (made up name) from Baskin Robbins 31 Flavors! you have 31 one seconds to name all 31 flavors of ice cream for a chance to win 31 million dollars! ready? Go!

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[Hey Yuffie. I was just wondering how things are going. I haven’t heard from you in a long while. Just checking in to make sure you’re okay.]

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[Well I doubt you’re up but hey Yuffie. I just thought I’d let you know that I really like being friends with you. Even though I’m pretty sure I’ve lost a decent amount of materia to you, I really do like having you around.]

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Ouch, Nomura.

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Bourbon and Mint: The Eyes Have It! [A Writing Tip] 


[I do want to keep this post light-hearted, so I’m getting the serious bit out of the way: If you want to be a published writer, you need to read this post and take it to heart. If you do the things I’m telling you not to, most editors will send your book back to you an,…

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